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Catholic Life of the School

The Stations of The Cross

March 2018

Mr. Doherty and Mrs. Pearce's Year 6 classes led a wonderfully reflective Stations of the Cross service reflecting on the 14 steps that commemorate Jesus Christ's last day on Earth as a man. 

Stations of the Cross Assembly Powerpoint 2018

Year 3A St. Patrick's Day Assembly

March 2017

Our wonderful Year 3s performed an assembly where they acted out the story of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The assembly ended with a mission for us all to work towards:

Following in the steps of St. Patrick, continue to work towards something you believe in even if you may experience hardships along the way...

                                Rabbi Visit             

March 2018 


As part of Judaism week we had a visit from Rabbi Chapper from Borehamwood synagogue. He delivered a workshop teaching the children about Jewish customs and traditions. Even though we are a Catholic school, we appreciate how important it is that the children are exposed to other faiths other than their own so they are prepared for the diverse society in which they belong.


Lent Assembly

February 2018

Year 5A led the school with a wonderfully reflective assembly in preparation for the season of Lent.  They reminded us that the purpose of Lent is is the preparation of the believer for Easter through prayer, doing penance, mortifying the flesh, repentance of sins, almsgiving, and self-denial. 


Today Year 5B led the school in a lovely assembly on Candlemas. We were reminded of the great faith that Simeon and Anna demonstrated as they waited to see the Messiah. They act as fantastic role models to all of us. They were patient, resilient and above all else faithful.


Bishop John Sherrington Visits The Annunication Catholic Junior School December 2017

Year 6B World Gifts Assembly

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As a school, we are raising money for Cafod World Gifts. Each class will have a vote for which gift they would like to purchase for our brothers and sisters overseas.


CLICK HERE to explore gift options which we will buy as a class...


Year 4 Advent Assembly 

December 2017

Our Year 4 class gave an assembly on Advent today. They reminded the school community of the true meaning of Advent and the actions us Catholics can carry out during this time of preparation. 


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Year 6 Pray the Lectio Divina in the Prayer Garden

November 2017

The Year 6 pupils used the prayer garden to pray the Lectio Divina. They used scripture to contemplate on how that scripture impacts on their lives and how it will impact on their actions.


Watch this space as after contemplating, the Year 6s came up with suggestions on actions to carry out to 'give back' during the season of Advent...

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Parish Christmas Bazaar Competition

November 2017

In today's assembly, we awarded all pupils who entered the Parish Bazaar competition with a prize for their efforts. The Parish Council at Our Lady of The Annunciation Church set our children the task of designing a poster promoting the Parish Bazaar which takes place on Saturday 18th November from 12pm-3pm at the parish.  The Council were very impressed with the children's efforts and awarded each child who entered with a prize.

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All Saints' Day Mass

November 2017

Today Father Colin delivered a mass where we remembered all of the women, men and children who have died and are now in heaven. We thanked God for the lives of those people who have left this world. Some saints have been singled out for their own feast day but there aren’t enough days of the year to fit all the countless saints who walked through this life witnessing to Jesus. We used today as a time for us to think about all the unknown saints – all those people whose courage and love is untold.


During the mass, we also celebrated our own family members, relatives, neighbours and friends who we know are in heaven with Our Father. We offered their names during the offertory and will continue to pray for them during this month of the Holy Souls.

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100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima

Friday 13th October 2017


As a school, we marked the 100th Anniversary since Our Lady appeared at Fatima, Portugal, with a special prayer service in school. The children all took time to visit our shrine dedicated to our Lady's apparition which has been decorated with statues that Mrs. Sherlock and Miss Kelly, our Vice Chair of Governors, brought back to the school upon returning from a recent pilgrimage to Fatima where they paid homage to Our Lady and commemorated her 100th anniversary.

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Harvest Collection 2017

Barnet Homeless

At harvest-time, the sharing of food helps us to remember that all good gifts come from God. Giving is our way of saying thank you to God in a practical way whilst remembering that He commanded all people to love and care for others. The school community at the Annunciation Juniors find greater happiness in giving than receiving. This year we are donating food for the charity, Barnet Homeless.

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1st Holy Communion Celebration

May 2017


To celebrate our Year 3s making their first Holy Communion, we had a celebration  in school where we marked this special occasion and got children to write about their special day.