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Please see the attached document which has helpful links about keeping children safe online. This is especially important during this time when we are all using computers and devices more often.

We have been working on Safer Internet Day. Our whole school created something to promote safe use of the internet and make sure we were all mindful of our online identity and digital footprint.

Last week our new after school animation club started. The children really enjoyed it and were delighted with making their comic flip books.

Year 6 have been combining Maths and Computing to program a sprite to rotate.

We have been looking at cyber bullying and how we can be more aware of it. This was during last weeks's Anti Bullying Week. The children researched it and created posters.

New animation club starting! January 2020

We used our computing time to research Hinduism and make posters and factfiles about it.

Last week was National Coding Week! Our whole school really got involved and enjoyed the whole school coding challenges that were set! We had children cracking codes from year 3 to year 6. Our first one started with numbers around the school which correlated with the alphabet. This then made a key word. The first child to crack it in every class got a prize. The buzz around the school was evident!

Year Six were learning about 'Fake News' and enjoyed creating their own! They then put their classmates to the test to see could they figure out what was fake and what was true in their stories.

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed working with our new roamers. They loved that they could make the robots draw shapes. This meant the children had to calculate the angles inside certain shapes and program this into the robots. Well done!

Year 3 were having great fun today with our new mini robots (roamers). They worked really well together to code the robots to complete certain activities. Some children felt confident enough to demonstrate their new skill to the class.

Coding wth Scratch. We have been using an online program called Scratch. The children love coding the characters to do different things such as glide, change colour or talk.

Year five having been using the ICT suite to research their Vikings topic.

Teacher E Safety Workshop. On the 8th May the teachers attended an E-Safety workshop which was led by borough advisor Susan Mehmet. The teachers found this workshop extremely insightul and were all feeling confident about how best to protect our young people online.

Parent E-Safety workshop. On the 8th May we had borough advisor Susan Mehmet lead a workshop for parents on the importance of E-Safety. The workshop was hugely insightful and informative.

Coding and debugging in action! At JCA year six had to remember patterns and copy them on to the huge grid in order to move up a level. This required good recall skills and the ability to debug where they had gone wrong in the code.

We have been trying some unplugged activities in our coding lessons this term. We wrote a code for our initial and read code to find hidden items.