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Baton Twirling After School club

International Dance Day 2021

Active learning!

Expressing ourselves through movement for Children's Mental Health Week

LYG Challenges...helping Barnet climb the leaderboard!

Remembering Sir Captain Tom Moore by doing 100 of something. There were 100 stars, 100 starjumps, 100 musical notes and even 100m bike rides!

Year 6 Barnet Rowing Competition


Fantastic results from our Year 6 children in the rowing competition against other schools from Barnet. 


Boys individual

1. Annunciation 237m

3. Annunciation 212m


Girls individual

1. Annunciation 211m


Boys team (total metres of top 5 boys)

1. Annunciation 1034m


Girls team (total metres of top 5 girls) 

1. Annunciation 1010m


Mixed team table (total of top 5 boys and top 5 girls)

1. Annunciation 2044m